Under Armour

Jordan Spieth has signed a 10 year endorsement deal with Under Armour, The deal guarantees that Jordan Spieth, will wear only Under Armour head to toe, including golf shoes, which will hit the retail stores later this year. His Under Armour contract runs through 2025.

Jordan and Under Amour had been partners previously , they signed a deal in 2013)  soon after Jordan left The University of Texas to turn pro and Jordan was very happy with the Under Armour product.

Jordan is going to be a great ambassador for Under Armour, it’s more of a young mans clothing line and with Jordan as a top  athlete, known around the world it is going to be a great partnership and if Jordan Spieth keeps winning, it will cost Under Armour a lot of money.

Spieth’s contract is estimated to be around $200 M for the 10 years, plus additional incentives for winning tournaments.

Under ArmourUnder Armour Jordan SpiethUnder Armour Lear JetTHE JORDAN EFFECT with UNDER ARMOUR

The “Jordan Effect “has massively increased the Under Armour sales lately, the Under Armour Golf Apparel demands far out way the supply.

We signed him in January of ’13, and we’ve almost tripled [golf product sales], so that gives you an idea, by the end of this year,”

A CEO for Under Armour said “ the company has no immediate plans to get into the golf club business, instead focusing on what it considers its core accessory and apparel line like the launch of the third iteration of Spieth’s own golf shoe in the spring.


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