Jordan Spieth has several sponsors like many top athletes that  support him on a daily basis, it’s not easy being one of the top athletes in the golfing world and here are some of the companies and people that are in Jordan Spieth’s

Under Armour have been with Jordan as soon as turned pro, straight out of University and he has signed a 10 year contract, this is a very good partnership for both. Jodan Spieth sponsors

Titleist Jordan plays has been playing Titleist golf equipment since he was young, he now endorses their product and has recently changed to the new 716 AP2 Titleist irons.

AT & T – Uses AT & T for his phone server and he is the Golfing ambassador for this company.

Perfect Sense is a full-service product company that capitalizes on its enterprise user experience platform, Brightspot®, to drive innovations in web and mobile development for corporations worldwide. We are respected and trusted by corporations worldwide to be 100% focused on getting each project done right, on budget, and to our partners’ complete satisfaction.

Rolex – is a wonderful fit for Jordan, a classic way to keep him in time for his tee time, his Rolex choice of watch is the Explorer II.

Coca-Cola is proud to include Jordan into their elite athlete group to help them promote their products, Jordan will be making ads , videos and so much more to help endorse the Coca-Cola brand.

NetJets – Jordan need to travel and he uses NetJets to go from tournament to tournament

Super Strokes – Jordan uses Super Stroke grips

Lagardère Unlimited  (LU) is one of the world’s premier sports and entertainment agencies, connecting corporations, brands, and superstar athletes across 30 countries

MVPindex™ is the only complete, accurate, and up-to-date sports social media index providing comprehensive marketing intelligence on more than 25,000 professional sports entities including athletes, teams, and leagues

The AMPD Model is designed to develop golf-athletes by optimizing performance and reducing the risk for injury. It is a process of Assess, Move, Perform that systematically progresses the athlete towards his or her performance goals.

Cameron McCormick– Cameron has developed a national reputation as a sought after coach to players at, or aspiring to, high levels of competitive mastery.

Dr. Van Biezen’s extensive knowledge combined with his experience as a professional athlete provides his patients with the most comprehensive and integrative approach to evaluating, treating and rehabilitating from injuries.


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