The Jordan Spieth Family Foundation focuses on giving opportunity to young people and families in need. The foundation Jordan Spieth Foundationfocuses on 3 areas, they are Special Needs Youth, Military Families and Junior Golf.

Jordan cares very deeply about his foundation.  ”I am looking to center it around special needs kids,” explained Spieth.  His younger sister has autism and he seems genuinely interested in helping out others in similar situations.

Jordan Spieth Foundation

Special Needs Youth

A cause very close to his heart, as sister Ellie is a very special young lady who suffers from a neurological disorder in the autism spectrum.

Military Families

Giving to wounded warriors, Jordan realized the distinct opportunity he has been given to promote military initiatives, especially providing support once veterans return home.

Junior Golf

Giving young golfers who are inspired by the game of golf the opportunity to play. In 2014 he has resurrected an AJGA event he use to play in a few years back and now it has his name on it. Helping kids set goals and look towards the future.

Jordan Spieth Foundation

If you would like to get involved in The Jordan Spieth Foundation CLICK HERE

Jordan Spieth Foundation


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