A Day in the Life of Jordan Spieth

A day in the life of Jordan Spieth when he is in training for golf tournaments.

Jordan has a fitness and nutrition plan that is engineered to peak around the Majors – here is a guideline to his daily plan.

Jordan’s trainer is Damon Goddard at the AMPD Golf Fitness.



Golf is incredibly mental  and his fitness team focuses on fun and fluidity.Freedom of motion is freedom of mind.

His recommendation for Jordan:

  • Blast fun music on the range and mood and rhythm will lift
  • Workout in the environment (meditate on a beach, hike to a landmark, jump in the ocean) and take the time to reflect on the legendary locales they’re fortunate to experience
  • Keep the body fluid and flowing and then the mind will be free to visualize shots


There is no off-season for golfers and this means constant training, with mild tapering around the Majors. A hearty warm-up is mandatory and crucial. Jordan needs to be ready to go.When he gets to the range, he doesn’t need to bang a lot of balls to warm up, everything  is part of his routine.

What Damon prepares for Jordan:

  • Circuit-type training that tricks Jordan into doing cardio (disguised cardio)
  • Programs designed to peak for Majors, including tapering during those weeks
  • Minimum 30-minute warm-up, with a focus on engaging muscles Jordan’s about to use


Travel presents difficulties. The team must get creative and hone in on the exact movements that Jordan is going to perform.


And Jordan’s secret weapon is a good 8 hours sleep a night. Regardless of tee-time or time zone. Try to sleep and rest when he can as there is so much demand of his time.

Jordan tries to get

  • 8 hours every night
  • Keep it the same in tournaments to maintain circadian rhythm
  • 2-2.5 hours of deep sleep

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